Study facilities

Lecture halls

  • The location information listed in the curriculum indicates the building identifier (e.g. Linna) followed by the number of the lecture hall. Building locations on campus. The caretakers can provide more specific information on the locations of lecture halls.

Work spaces 

  • Group work rooms at the library 

    The library is a space for students. On the city centre campus, the Linna Library provides its services in the Linna building at Kalevantie 5, while on the Kauppi campus the Arvo Library is situated in the Arvo building at Lääkärinkatu 1. The newspaper reading room is located in the main building, floor 0.

  • In addition to this, the university features numerous group work spaces that are freely available to students throughout the campus. The rooms can be used during the opening hours of the buildings. For more information, please contact the caretakers, for example.

Electronic exam rooms

Other facilities for studying

  • Reading rooms for quiet work can be found at the library and the main building (section A, 2nd floor)
  • Computer rooms
  • Self-Access Centre
    • A wide range of easily-accessible support for language studies.
  • Oasis
    • Oasis is a game and work space open to all university students on the second floor of the Pinni B building. You should also visit the “tunnel” located next to Oasis!
  • Y-kampus
    • Y-kampus is the name of the joint Tampere3 entrepreneurship and innovations services. On the city centre campus, Y-kampus can be found in the main building near the DX lecture halls and the Alakuppila café.
    • Y-kampus is open to all! The premises can always be used freely when there are no advance bookings. The available spaces are perfect for working either in a group or alone, for example.
  • Restaurants and cafés
    • Nearly every single one of the university buildings features a restaurant. The tables are also popular among students who need to get some group work done.
  • Tamy premises for students
    • The Student Union Tamy provides a variety of premises for students, including a group work space which is available for reservation.

Contact information and other links

University contact information

  • campus area maps,
  • access routes to the university,
  • bicycle and car parking.


Wireless networks on campus