Obtaining a Degree Certificate

A degree certificate must be applied for by filling in a Degree Certificate application form in NettiOpsu in the section "Graduation". The application will be processed by the faculty in question. When ready, the certificate will either be issued from the Registrar's Office upon collection or sent by post according to what the student has agreed with the faculty. If an internationalisation module [LINK] is included in the degree it will also be composed on the application form. In addition, if a student exchange or training period abroad is a part of the degree, you can ask for a mobility certificate to be attached to your Degree Certificate.

Before applying for a degree certificate the student should ensure that all completed study modules have been registered by the relevant faculties. Please check that you have taken all the required studies, including General Studies. Then ask for the final grade from your degree programme. Likewise you should ask for a final grade for any optional subject which you have studied.

Those graduating will be issued a Diploma Supplement [LINK] for international use free of charge along with their degree certificates. There is no specified time for issuing degree certificates. In other words, they can be issued at any time during the academic year. However, if you wish to graduate during a specific term (spring or autumn), remember to check the deadlines [LINK] for handing in the graduation application form .

International Master graduates are given a degree certificate in Finnish and in English.

Applying for a Degree Certificate and Enrolment in the University

To be able to apply for a degree certificate, you should still be enrolled in the University. Having enrolled as absent is sufficient. If, however, you have enrolled as absent, no more completed course units or study modules can be entered into your register (including the grade for your thesis). You should therefore remain enrolled as present until all the course units and study modules you have completed have been registered. If the academic semester ends before you can apply for a degree certificate, it is sufficient that you enrol as absent for the following semester. In this case you do not need to pay the Student Union membership fee for the following semester.