Tampere University of Technology, University of Tampere, and Tampere University of Applied Sciences have joined forces in order to develop a new kind of mode of operation in the Finnish higher education. A new higher education institution will start its operations on 1 January 2019. The new multidisciplinary, inspiring and internationally attractive research and learning environment is built on a solid foundation of scientific and technological expertise. The HEIs will form an academic community that offers students a broad range of avenues to pursue both theoretical and practically oriented studies.For students, Tampere3 enables the provision of high-quality and respected international degrees, modern learning environments, and flexible study paths that create multidisciplinary degrees.

More on this topic at Tampere3 and in the intranet.

All attending degree students and the students of vocational teacher education at Tampere University of Applied Sciences have had a separate right to study at another Tampere3 higher education institution since 1 August 2016. The cross-institutional studies will cover study offerings available to all degree students and limited study offerings available only to students in a specific target group at another HEI.

Explore the cross-institutional study service at: www.tampere3.fi/serviceforcrossinstitutionalstudies

International exchange students will seek these studies through the Unipoli Studies service according to the previous practices. International degree students will also primarily use the Unipoli Studies service. Some studies taught in English may also be included in the offerings available to all degree students, and in this case, international degree students are also welcome to use the electronic cross-institutional study service.