University email

The university email address is your official mail address where you receive information related to studies, so please use it.

It is possible to redirect this mail to another address in NettiKatti. When contacting teachers or staff, please use your official address to ensure that your mail is not blocked by spam filters and that the recipient knows who you are.

In addition to email, Office 365 contains a large selection of tools, such as calendar and storage space at a cloud service as well as applications that support joint writing projects and interaction. 

The O365 email can be used through the browser (Office 365 webmail) or via a separate email application for your computer or phone. Through the Internet browser you can access your email on any device and you can also manage the various settings of your account more extensively than through the separate application. In this service, your email address is in format or Email offers 50 GB of storage space and it is protected against malware.