Curricula Guides

On the Curricula Guides site you will find the curricula of

  • Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level degree programmes given in English
  • Study modules taught in English
  • English translations of some Finnish degree programmes with no reference to language of completion

The curricula contain details of the learning outcomes, the contents of studies, teaching methods, information on evaluation and lists of study material. The Curricula Guides also tell the recommended year for completing a specific course unit, the course descriptions and the requirements for completing a course unit.

There is a link to the teaching schedules from the course descriptions.

Guidelines on how to read and find the required information from Curricula Guides

If you have any doubts on how to fulfil the requirements of a specific course unit, please do not hesitate to contact the lecturer in charge of the course. It may even be possible to complete some course units taught in Finnish by independent studying, by writing an essay in English or by taking an examination on set books.