Financial aid for internship from the Faculty

Depending on the internship practices of your faculty and degree programme, you may be eligible to apply for the university internship grant.

Students must apply for the grant through their faculties or degree programmes. Check your degree programme’s practices and schedules for grant applications on the faculty- and programme-specific web page or with your internship contact person.

General policies regarding internships

  • The internship grant is not paid directly to the student. Instead, the employer invoices it from the university once the internship period is complete. The employer pays a salary to the student for the entire internship period.
  • The purpose of the internship grant is to cover a part of the internship costs. Therefore, the amount is not proportional to the salary paid to the student.
  • For the duration of the internship period, the student is in a fixed-term employment relationship with the internship provider. Among other things, this means that the employer and employee (in this case the student) must enter into an employment contract.
  • In addition to this, the university faculty and employer prepare a separate internship agreement for the student’s internship period. In it, they agree upon the funding provided by the university to the employer, if the employer can be supported financially.
  • For the duration of the internship, the student will have the same responsibilities and rights as the other employees. For example, the student will accumulate annual holidays during the internship.
  • A student receiving internship grant funds must be a present student for the entire duration of the internship period.
  • The internship grant cannot be applied for retroactively.
  • In 2017, a maximum grant amount of €1,800/internship will be provided. The exception to this is the long-term internship in psychology.
  • A precondition for the internship grant is that the employer pays the student a salary in accordance with the relevant collective agreement. If no collective agreement exists in the field, the salary should be at least the minimum salary that meets the condition for previous employment, as specified by KELA (€1,187/month, 2017).
  • The internship grant is only provided for internships under a Finnish employer. However, it is possible to use the grant for an internship abroad if the employer is Finnish (for example, a Finnish embassy).