Practical training is an important part of university studies. An internship provides the opportunity to gain work experience in one’s own field and general experience regarding working life and related practices. It teaches you how to link knowledge and skills learned during your studies to practical activities. The experience can also help you guide and focus your studies and their planning.

There is variation between degree programmes in the ways of implementing the practical training and its positioning within the scope of the studies, and it is not mandatory for everyone. For many students, however, the internship provides an important pathway to actual employment. Internship positions are provided by companies, municipalities, the state, organisations and various foreign bodies, for example. When considering where to complete your internship, think about your goals for the internship period and what it can provide. As a general rule, try to find something that interests you!

Check the internship practices with your faculty

Depending on your subject of study, practical training is either mandatory, optional or voluntary. There is also variation in the recommended timing of the internship during the studies. If you would like to include an internship in your studies, you must obtain approval from your faculty.

The practical arrangements, such as the application and provision of internship grants and the preparation of internship agreements, are handled by the faculties. The practices vary between faculties with regard to the application times and awarding criteria for the internship grant, so it is important to contact your faculty well in advance when planning your internship.

Your faculty’s internship contact persons can inform you on how your faculty or degree programme handles internship matters.

Remember to find out at least the following things with regard to your internship!

  • When to complete the internship?
  • Where to find an internship position? How to gain access?
  • How long is the internship period?
  • Will you receive pay for the internship?
  • What is the internship grant and how do you apply for it?
  • How do I prepare an internship report?
  • How do I gain a study attainment for my internship?
  • What are the different ways of completing an internship?
  • Can I apply for an internship abroad?