Turnitin plagiarism detection software

The University of Tampere uses the Turnitin plagiarism detection software, which is available on the Moodle platform. Your supervisor will add you to his or her Moodle platform where Turnitin is used.


The purpose of using the Turnitin software is to enhance the quality of instruction and learning as it gives both students and instructors feedback on how the students reference previous studies in their coursework. The software compares texts submitted to it with a large database consisting of materials freely available online, students’ coursework from the educational institutions that use Turnitin and of data that has been indexed in the software by different publishing houses.


If the programme discovers extensive similarities between the student’s work and the texts in the comparison database and if the referencing in the student’s thesis or paper has not been properly done, the report the Turnitin software produces may indicate that the student has plagiarised parts of his or her coursework.


Plagiarism is forbidden by the University of Tampere’s Regulations on the Assessment of Studies [linkki]

What is checked with Turnitin?

Turnitin is already being used to check all doctoral dissertations and Licentiate’s theses. In autumn 2015, the University will start using Turnitin to check theses completed in graduate degrees (Master’s theses and the advanced-level theses that form a part of the Licentiate of Medicine degree). The faculties will decide for themselves when exactly they will start using the software. As students start their studies in the academic year of 2015-2016, they should consult the Studies pages of their own faculties in order to find out the Turnitin introduction timetable in their own faculties.

Turnitin can also be used in other study modules than theses. It is especially meant to be used in courses to teach and learn about proper referencing.

The ultimate aim is to make Turnitin freely available to all students, instructors and researchers so that they can check the originality of any text of their own. This change will be announced at a later time.

What are the preconditions for using Turnitin?

The preconditions for using Turnitin are that both the students and instructors are familiar with

  • the use of Turnitin on the Moodle platform (please see the video below)
  • the interpretation of the report produced by Turnitin (please see the video below)
  • the ethical principles of studying [linkki] at the University of Tampere


Students can only submit their own texts to Turnitin. Every student has the right to use Turnitin independently before the instructor uses the software to check the student’s thesis or other coursework for plagiarism.