Grading Scale

The grading scales used at the University of Tampere are ECTS compatible. Completed course units, study modules and theses included in a Bachelor’s or Master's degree are assessed on a pass/fail basis (in Finnish HYV/HYL). A passed course may also be awarded a grade. Grades are given on a five-point scale.

ECTS Grade University of Tampere Grade Definition (In Finnish)
A 5 EXCELLENT (erinomainen)
B 4 VERY GOOD (kiitettävä)
C 3 GOOD (hyvä)
D 2 SATISFACTORY (tyydyttävä)
E 1 SUFFICIENT (välttävä)


To be awarded a pass grade (PASS or 1), students must demonstrate skills that enable them to continue on their programme in accordance with the curriculum. The average grade of the units included in the study module form the overall grade of the module.