Student Certificate and Transcript of Academic Records

Student Certificate

A student certificate is needed for many purposes when a student needs to prove that she/he is registered as a student at the University of Tampere. A student card is not always sufficient.

A student certificate can be obtained on request at the Registrar's Office. It can also be ordered from Student's Desktop in page Personal Data.

Transcript of Academic Records

All students receive a transcript of their academic records for the courses taken at the University of Tampere. The transcripts are available both in English and Finnish from the Registrar’s Office.

Please remember that the transcript is valid only when printed, stamped and signed by a University official in the Registrar's Office. The transcripts of international exchange/visiting students are automatically issued in English. Finnish credits (in Finnish opintopiste, OP) are ECTS compatible. Please see the grading scale used at the University of Tampere.

Only passed course units show on your transcript. In other words, if you fail a course unit, it will not appear on the transcript.

An Unofficial Transcript

Students can browse their academic record in Student's Desktop in page Academic Transcript. In Student's Desktop students can also send a transcript of academic records in pdf format to any e-mail address.

Students can browse their academic record both in English and in Finnish. Transcript in English can be found under Academic Transcript and transcript in Finnish can be found in Student's Desktop under Opintosuoritukset.

An Official Transcript

The official, printed transcript of your academic record can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Collect the transcript from the Registrar's Office (Main building, room A121). There is no need to order the transcript beforehand.

  • Order by e-mail (aktuaari (at) Please provide your name, your student number or social security number, and mailing address. Please also state what kind of record you require.

  • Order by phone (050 318 7000).

To get a transcript after the exchange period, exchange students should follow the instructions given on page Things to do before leaving.

Official Transcripts:

  • Official Transcript of Records in Finnish or in English
  • ECTS Transcript in English
  • Table of Credits
  • The Diploma Supplement

Notations for study modules and other entities

At the University of Tampere study modules, course units and other entities are classified according to the type and the level of studies as follows.

General Studies In Finnish: Yleisopinnot
Basic Studies Perusopinnot
Intermediate Studies Aineopinnot
Advanced Studies Syventävät opinnot
Language and Communication Studies Kieli- ja viestintäopinnot
Practical Training Harjoittelu
Doctoral Studies Tohtoriopinnot
Study Module Opintokokonaisuus

Credits marked with * on the transcript are accredited to the degree from other institutions in Finland or abroad.