The Story of Two Cities - Tampere and Łódź

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Museum Centre Vapriikki (Address: Alaverstaanraitti 5)


City of Tampere

The objective of the seminar is to increase understanding of industrialization and de-industrialization of two European cities. The seminar aims to find similarities and dissimilarities of two cities that have strong roots in the textile industry.

The seminar celebrates the 60-year history of the twin city relations and is one of the festivities marking the 100-year independence of Poland in 2018.

The seminar is targeted to people who share interest in industrial evolution or urban history including people in the academia, business, public sector, as well as the local Polish community in Tampere region.

Seminar programme

  • 13.00     
    H.E. Mr. Jaroslaw Suchoples - Ambassador of the Republic of Poland
    * Welcoming words from City of Tampere
    * Welcoming words from City of Łódź
  • 13.20     
    * How Tampere became the ‘Manchester of Finland’, Professor Pertti Haapala, University of Tampere
    * From the “promised land” to the land of the future - a fascinating history of changes in Łódź in 20th and 21th century, PhD Wojciech Marciniak, University of Łódź
  • 14.00     
    * The Case of Finlayson & Co 1820–2020, PhD Jarmo Peltola, University of Tampere
    * The death and revival of the great textile city, Professor Bartosz M. Walczak,
  • 14.40 Coffee break
  • 15.00     
    * The globalization of machine building of Tampere - practitioner’s view, Industry Professor Matti Sommarberg, Tampere University of Technology
  • 15.40     
    * Panel discussion, where next - the two cities with their history face global grand challenges
  • 16.10 Cocktails
  • 16.45-17.45 Guided tour of the exhibition Tampere 1918, Museum Centre Vapriikki

Delegation of the City of Łódź
Ms. Monika Karolczak - Deputy Director at the Investor Service and International Cooperation Bureau of the City of Łódź Office
Ms. Marta Grzegorzewska - the Investor Service and International Cooperation Bureau
Mr. PhD Wojciech Marciniak – Department of Polish and World History after 1945, Faculty of Philosophy and History of the University of Łódź
Ms. Professor Elżbieta Jung - Honorary Consul of Finland in Łódź, Head of the Department of the History of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy and History of the University of Łódź
Mr. professor Bartosz M. Walczak - the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering (Head of the Revitalization Team, Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning), Łódź University of Technology
Mr. Grzegorz Kierner - Director of the Center for Cooperation with Economy, Innovation and Technology Transfer, Łódź University of Technology


For more information please contact:

Professor Pertti Haapala,
Professor Matti Sommarberg,