Demola Tampereen Final Demonstration

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Tribe Tampereen P47-tila (Pinninkatu 47)



Iltapäivän aikana esitellään seuraavien Demola-toimeksiantojen tulokset:

Lifeguard of Shelves - Even today, a logistician has been making rounds in hospitals to check that doctors and nurses have all the necessary supplies to do their jobs. With all the possible technologies and service models of the future, the logistician’s time and the taxpayers’ money could be used for so much more. How could Tuomi Logistiikka Oy receive real time and accurate information of the equipment with future technologies? What kind of service models are out there and/or trending in the future to make the process easy, lean and productive?

Next Generation Drones in Construction Workflows - How to design the next generation drone for construction business? What are the value-adding features and qualities for digitizing, monitoring, measuring and analysing assets? How can a well-known international drone manufacturer fulfil the needs of construction industry?

ScratchCAM -Smartphones have become our alarm clocks, video players, calendars and access to the internet that we actually need to make an effort not to use them in our everyday lives. Imagine the annoyance if the window, i.e. the display, is scratched, damaged or doesn’t work properly – especially as the display is the most expensive piece of hardware in a smartphone. How can Piceasoft Oy simplify your mobile life and detect the problems in display reliably? What are the best ways to identify that as quickly and easily as possible?

The Ultimate Business Environment - Businesses need suitable conditions in order to work efficiently and Sastamala wants to answer the need. What is the anatomy of a modern business park, where businesses crave to get into? Business Park Syke wants to understand the needs of businesses and their employees located in modern business parks. How might the new facilities and its services be designed to create a welcoming atmosphere that makes the current residents proud and at the same time attracts new businesses from various fields? What kind of roles could the city, the community and other possible stakeholders have for a superior experience and optimal resource management?

Tilaisuus on avoin kaikille eikä vaadi ilmoittautumista. Olet siis tervetullut tuomaan mukanasi myös kollegoitasi ja ystäviäsi!


Maria Ruokonen, Demola-fasilitaattori, TaY
Heini-Marja Rintaniemi, Demola-fasilitaattori, TTY


Maria Ruokonen
+358 50 437 7138